When do you reopen?
ALL Pump Gyms clubs reopened at 8am on Monday 12th April. 

What will happen with my membership fee? 
If your membership is currently frozen it will be automatically re-activated from the day we reopen (unless you have previously requested otherwise via email), you don’t need to do anything. Any credit that you were due from the closure period will be taken from your next payment. We will be in touch via email to all members before reopening with full details on your direct debit payments.

I cancelled my direct debit but wish to restart
No worries. You can get restarted again by simply visiting the relevant club page below

Watford Stourbridge Hatfield Northampton - Colchester - Bedford

Are there any changes to the opening hours on reopening? 
No. We will be opening all our clubs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Are you limiting the capacity?
Yes we will limit how many people are allowed in the gym at once to avoid overcrowding and so members can keep a safe distance from each other. So we can keep track of numbers, maximum gym capacity control measures will be in place to comply with UK Government guidance. 

To support this all equipment will be spaced a minimum of 1 metre + apart to ensure that social distancing measures are met within our gym at all times and we will be closely monitoring usage levels.
If we however do reach full capacity, we'll need to ask you to wait before you enter the gym, using the social distance markers in our entrance areas. We'll be operating a one-in, one-out policy. Should any additional measures be required to keep our members safe then we will put them in place without delay, although it is highly unlikely due to our clubs being very spacious. 

You will also be able to check the LIVE usage levels of
your gym at the Pump Gyms website.

Do I need to book to use the gym?
No. You will be able to visit whenever you’d like. We will have control measures in place via our entry systems to comply with UK Government guidance to ensure that social distancing measures are met within the gym at all times.
Should any additional measures be required to keep our members safe then we will put them in place without delay. You will also be able to check the LIVE usage levels of your gym at the Pump Gyms website prior to travel. 

Will i have to queue to get in ?
We expect queues to be very unlikely due to our large, spacious facilities on offer, but have put social distancing measures in place with floor markings at our entrance areas if you are required to wait for a very short period before getting in.

You will also be able to check the LIVE usage levels of your gym at the Pump Gyms website. You can further reduce the chance of queuing by planning your visit at a quieter time.

How do i access the gym safely ?
We’ve improved the safety and hygiene around entering our gym. You will be able to gain access via our spacious entrance areas using our biometric fingerprint system. All entrance and exit areas now have hand sanitising units next to them for you to use and a clearly marked one way entrance system is now in place. 

Is the gym safe ? 
Yes, we're confident in our ability to minimise the risk of infection and keep our members safe. We'll be implementing enhanced cleaning procedures and adopting stringent social distancing measures to create a safe environment for you to visit.

We are also asking members and staff not visit the club if they feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms, and there will be clear signage to reflect this.

We will be using an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect gym areas at regular intervals daily. Electrostatic spray surface cleaning is the process of spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. Electrostatic spray uses a specialised disinfectant solution that is combined with air and atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. Subsequently, the spray contains positively charged particles that are able to aggressively adhere to surfaces and objects.

Will classes be available?

Yes. Classes can be pre-booked 7 days in advance via the Pump Gyms App. Class capacity will be minimised to keep members safe, and you’ll see floor marking in the studios. There will be a minimum of a 10-minute window in between classes, and we would ask you to not gather in groups whilst waiting for classes. There will be no sharing of equipment during the classes. Equipment (including mats etc) will be cleaned in between use, using disinfectant spray and cloths provided.

The Pump Gyms App does however give you FREE access to over 100 workouts whatever the time, wherever the place. Including HIIT, boxing, strength, meditation and yoga - with all your favourite instructors.

Do you have adequate ventilation in place ? 
The ventilation systems in place in all our clubs operate to the required government guidelines and CIBSE COVID-19 ventilation guidance. 

Are the changing rooms, lockers and showers available to use ?
Changing rooms, lockers and shower facilities will be accessible with social distancing measures in place alongside a rigorous cleaning schedule to minimise risk. Disinfectant spray will be available for customer to use also. 
We encourage members to come ‘gym ready’ where possible, to avoid using the changing facilities. There will be a limited number of lockers available, so please limit your personal belongings and only use a locker if absolutely necessary.

Will sauna facilities be available to use ?
Yes. Social distancing measures are in place to create a safe environment for you. 

I'm not ready to return, can i freeze my membership?
IIf you’re not ready to come back when we reopen, we can extend your freeze period for free. This can be done by emailing your club: 

Watford Stourbridge Hatfield Northampton - Colchester - Bedford

I'm not a member, how do i join ?
We are currently offering a limited time offer to new members. This can be secured online by selecting your club below. Don’t miss out, as this offer won’t be around for long.

Watford Stourbridge Hatfield Northampton - Colchester - Bedford

Do i need to wear a face mask to access the gym ?
Please wear a face covering when entering the gym, in communal areas and changing rooms, and when moving around the gym (except when exercising). This can be removed during exercise.

Do i need to wear gloves to access the gym ?
Gloves are not mandatory as the World Health Organisation (WHO) advice is that it is preferable not to wear gloves but to regularly wash your hands.

Do i need to bring a sweat towel to the gym with me?
Please don't bring a sweat towel (as per UK Active guidelines).

Do i need to re-enrol my fingerprint to get access to the gym? 
No, your fingerprint that was previously enrolled before our temporary closure will work as normal. 

What extra measures will be put in place to keep members safe?
As always, the safety of our members and staff is our main priority. As such, we are going above and beyond to ensure the gym is clean and sanitised for your every use by increasing our cleaning schedules to include more regular sanitisation of the gym equipment, studio equipment, all doors, handles and surfaces and regular deep cleaning of our changing facilities.
Management will be checking each area every 30 minutes to ensure that cleaning standards remain as high as possible. We reserve the right to section off certain areas of the club during the day to facilitate deep cleaning.
Disinfection Procedures – We will be completing daily overnight cleans of each area using a specifically formulated germicide that is used to sanitise and deodorise all surfaces in spaces such as hospitals and clinics.
Every piece of equipment used in Group Fitness classes will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each class.
Staff on the club floor will ensure used equipment is individually disinfected and we ask members to wipe down each piece of equipment they use before and after use.
We will be providing hand sanitiser for our members to use as they enter and exit the gym. To help us keep our members safe, we ask that you respect the social distancing rules, and regularly wash your hands.

I have a further question, can someone help please? 
Yes, no worries.
please contact us via email by selecting your site: Watford - Stourbridge - Hatfield - Northampton - Colchester - Bedford